The SideUpCup® system in detail

The usual dispensing machines often reach their limits at well-attended events. Hundreds of visitors wanting to get their drinks as soon as possible stand at the bars. Despite deploying great numbers of personnel, many people cannot be served or are often deterred by the crowds.

Our extraordinary dispensing system puts an end to this problem! SideUpCup® offers you the quickest posssible way to serve drinks with a unique advertising success.

All advantages at a glance

  • simple to operate for everyone
  • suitable for returnable and disposable cups as well as glasses
  • suitable for beer and for mixed beverages
  • filling capacity is freely programmable
  • smaller loss on serving
  • full automatic filling of the cups
  • conversion to other cup sizes in a few seconds
  • high advertising revenue for the event organiser
  • competitive advantage due to the special art of dispensing
  • increase in drinks sales many times over

How does the SideUpCup dispensing system work?

  • The lower part of the SideUpCup® is a few millimetres smaller in diameter than the upper part of the cup. Several openings are spaced out around the rim through which the desired drink can flow into the cup at a speed of approx. 0.5 litres per 1.5 seconds.
  • The cups of the SideUpCup® system are delivered already stacked with the locking ring raised, whereby the openings are still open to enable the filling.
  • The operator places the cup into the dispensing machine and the filling process starts.
  • The machine’s control unit recognises the cup in the filling unit, opens a valve and the drink flows into the cup without delay. The valve closes when the pre-set filling unit is reached.
  • As soon as the filling process has finished, the locking ring is automatically slid over the openings.
  • The cup can now be handed over to the guest.

Where can I buy the system?

You are interested in our SideUpCup® dispensing machine and the locking rings‘ advertising system with it? Just get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you according to your individual needs and ideas.

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