How does the advertising function on the SideUpCup’s locking ring?

When looking for a new, modern advertising opportunity to access a large target group, the SideUpCup system offers optimal conditions.

Print your message on the SideupCup ring

In future it will be possible to book the advertising on the SideUpCup’s® locking ring directly on our website. All places and events with the corresponding dates will be published in an up-to-date list and free contingents on rings still to be printed will be shown.

Prices for ring advertising are based on the type of event and the number of rings booked. Depending on the size of the event the number of rings ordered will be restricted per customer.

Individual design of the advertising space

Of course it is possible to design the advertising space yourself, whereby the size of the labelling field is pre-set by us. We would be also happy to do the design for you. At the moment our booking system is still being set up – but you can send us an enquiry now via our contact form.